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      GOOD NEWS!

      Event:Swimming Competitions

      Place:the Red Lake

      Time:11:30 a.m. every Saturday

      Participants:Children under 12








      1.Please introduce a book that you ever read.

      2.How to correct students’ mistakes?


      Good morning,distinguished judges. I’m XX candidate,applying for senior school English teacher. My topic is Notice Writing. Now I’m ready. Class begins.


      T:Hello,ladies and gentlemen. How’s the weather today?

      T:Yes,it’s sunny. So,have you finished your homework?Let me see some of your letter to your pen pal.

      T:Good job!Most of you guys have been familiar with the structure of letters. Since you can make yourself understood in English letters,what will you do if you want to give information in a public place?

      T:Terrific!Anna,you are so smart. We can write a notice. So how to write a notice?That’s what we are going to learn today.


      T:OK,now read the notice on PPT. Tell me what it is about.

      T:Yes,it’s good news. So how many parts are there in it?And what are they?

      T:Wonderful!Bob,you’ve always been attentive in class. There are four parts in it,which are event,place,time and participants.

      T:Suppose the student unio is going to hold a singing competition in the first dining hall from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. next Sunday and all the students are required to attend it. Could you write a notice for it?

      T:Wow,everybody is willing to give it a shot. I can see the confidence and eagerness in your face.


      T:Now,take out your pen and paper and write the essay for 15 minutes.

      T:Cindy,your spelling is correct. If you can capitalize the first letter of “event”,“place”,“time” and “participants”,your notice will be perfect!

      T:David,how many students will attend the competition?

      T:Yes,all of us. So there should be an “s” at the end of the word “participant”,right?


      T:OK,everybody. Have you finished?

      T:Great!Now,arrange yourselves to form eight groups of four and each member exchanges notices for group discussion(5 minutes).

      T:OK,time is up. Who wants to share his notice?

      T:Emma,brave soul!Come to the front and write your version of notice.

      T:So what do you think of Emma’s notice?

      T:Yes,it’s perfect. Emma has always been enthusiastic about English. English learning would be much easier if you have the same passion as Emma.

      Ⅴ.Summary and Homework

      T:How time flies!Our class is coming to an end. What have you learned today?Frank,please!

      T:Yes,Frank,your memory serves you really well. We have learned something about notice writing. We know that the notice is composed of event,place,time and participants. We’ve tried to write a notice about singing competitions.

      T:So today’s homework is to revise your notice after school.

      Blackboard design

      Notice Writing

      Event:Singing competitions

      Place:The first dining hall

      Time:9 a.m. to 5 p.m. next Sunday

      Participants:All the students

      That’s my presentation. Thanks for your listening.


      1.Reading is to the mind what food is to the body. I enjoy reading during my spare time. Today I want to make a brief introduction of One Hundred Suggestions for a Teacher written by Sukhomlinsky. This book mainly tells us good ways to be an excellent teacher. For example,we should love our students,respect the uniqueness of them and keep learning. These qualities are important for an educator and I think every teacher should read this book to learn what a good teacher is like.

      2.It is quite common for students to make mistakes in learning. Correcting their mistakes can be easy. Just tell them wher goes wrong. Is it the best way?I don’t think so. Correcting mistakes,up to a point,is an art. Students in high school usually have a strong sense of self-esteem. They enjoy being praised by teachers rather than being blamed for their mistakes. In the light of that,elicitation is a more suitable way of correcting their mistakes. You may ask students “how do you say … in English” and then you can guide them to answer the questions step by step with the aid of gestures or eye sight. If they fail to do it,you can ask other students who know the right answer to correct it for him or her. Not only will their self-esteem not be injured in this way but teacher’s purposes can be achieved as well.


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